The NFL will hear 'Can't Buy Me Love' from fans like me

We hear that the NFL will contribute $100 million to the players' social concerns, or something like that. This is from Jim Hanson: NFL owners seem poised to donate nearly $100 million (including some contributions from players) over seven years to support the favorite social justice causes of the players.  But in a perfect show of how incompetent they are, the owners will get nothing from the players in return. No promise to stop disrespecting the national anthem or any other meaningful concessions. Who taught these clowns to negotiate, Neville Chamberlain? Obviously, they are used to trying to buy their way out of problems.  Can you even imagine the sum total spent bailing their pampered players out of legal beefs, domestic violence and sexual misconduct issues?  It would likely dwarf even Congress and Hollywood. But do they really think this will solve their problem? Maybe the commissioner got his negotiation lessons from the Obama...(Read Full Post)