The left in extremis?

We may be watching the death throes of the American left as it spirals into the black hole of excess.  The left has pushed its issues so hard and far that leftists have lost all credibility.

No one really believes that global warming matters, even if it is true.  By now most everyone knows that the real aim of the global warming scare never was to cool down the planet, but rather to oust capitalism as the dominant economic model.  It still excites college sophomores, but the rest of us know that socialism is economic death.

Even the left acknowledges that women earn very close to what men earn, with most of the difference owing to choices made by women themselves.  Seeing that, the left began shouting about the income spread between top and bottom earners.  But who in America really cares about income spread?  All we care about is having enough to enjoy our lives according to our own standards; Gates and Bezos can be super-rich, and it doesn't hurt any of us a bit.

Abortion has been accepted for so long that it no longer raises much enthusiasm as a platform issue.  Catholic priests still picket Planned Parenthood facilities, but they seldom draw news cameras anymore.  That's more than sad, but it's true.

Racism has been so overplayed that nobody serious takes it seriously anymore, even when practiced by such an experienced player as Sheila Jackson Lee.  We never hear from or about Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson these days.  They never write, so we can't follow what they're up to now.

Greenness has become just another way to siphon off taxpayer bucks to keep Greenpeace out of the shipping lanes, along with all that Japanese trash from Fukushima.  No hippie chicks these days have the gumption to camp out in a tree for two years, and without that kind of example, greenies don't flourish.

Renewable energy no longer commands much attention since solar panel companies began installing their product for free.  As is so often the case, a capitalist, transactional solution often solves even non-problem problems.  And the fracking revolution has everybody so caught up in getting things done with cheap energy that even Al Gore can't make any money these days off his scam.

You gotta admit: that's sad.

Diversity (pro-Muslim immigration) no longer resonates.  Americans got tired of explosions and people dying in public places for lousy reasons.  No one knows why this attitude took hold so thoroughly.  We really do need a poll showing that America longs for exploding Muslims in our malls.

Hating Christianity has lost much of its cachet as the allure of diversity has faded.  Despite suspicions on the right, polls have yet to establish any connection here with Hillary's desire to become a Methodist preacher, and that's a fact.

LGBTQ, etc. issues have sort of just withered away as America's pretty much total indifference has waxed during the Trump administration.  LGBTQs see that nobody's out to get them after all and have settled in to living their lives like anybody else.

The inimitable P.J. O'Rourke once summed up the situation we're in with a chapter heading, paraphrased here as "Heck with it, let's all get rich."  In his first year as president, Donald Trump has reminded us what's possible in this country.

Well done, Mr. President.

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