The importance of no leaks after McCabe testified for 8 hours before House Intelligence Committee

Let's put on our Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hats as we think about the dog that didn't bark, or, in the specific case at hand, the leaks that didn't reach CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and other Democrat mouthpiece media.  The most that Adam Schiff, the suspected über-leaker on the House Intelligence Committee, had to say after the FBI deputy director testified for nearly eight hours, is that McCabe "has been a professional FBI agent" and that he does not understand "the calls of some to fire him."

Translation: "It looks bad, but I'm with Andy."

With the holiday lull approaching, count on Republicans to hold their silence.  Besides, the inspector general's report is expected early next year, and that could blow open the entire cabal that appears, from the Strzok-Page texts, to have plotted against a Trump victory and against the success of Trump's presidency.

 Less taciturn is James Kallstrom, former assistant director of the FBI.  He has been one of the most outspoken commentators on abuses within the FBI, and yesterday, he told Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network that "something is going to happen[.]"  Sundance of Conservative Treehouse caught the exchange and provided the video below:

As Jack Cashill's research has shown, Kallstrom played a key role in guiding the investigation into the downing of TWA 801, suppressing evidence of a missile, most likely a U.S. Navy exercise gone wrong.  At the time, he was head of the FBI's New York Office, with primary responsibility for investigating the crash.  It may well have been presented to him as a matter of national security to avoid pointing a finger there.  If that is the case,  it is quite possible that his conscience is bothering him.

Whatever the reasons for his candor now, it is likely that Kallstrom has abundant contacts within the FBI and knows whereof he speaks.

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