The genius of Trump, still shining

There is genius in Donald Trump.  I recently started my sixtieth year on this planet, and for almost all of those years, saying something like that would have never occurred to me.  Yet, as they say, live and learn.

As an example, I present you with the curious case of, excuse me, I mean the esteemed senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

It was at a little noted event where the president was awarding an award to the much deserving of awards, the American Indians who were code-talkers in World War II (as Archie Bunker would say, "The Big One").

Now, Trump could have stood at that podium and said, "We have a senator who pretended to be an American Indian in order to steal a job from an actual American Indian [or other deserving "minorority," as Archie would say] as a professor at Harvard University.

There would have been silence from the press, and most Americans would still not know how low Senator Warren was willing to descend into the warrens of despicability to gain prestigious employment from which she could jump-start her political career and save America from those deplorable Americans who are just too stupid to think for themselves. 

You see, Warren found her lie warranted because America needed a blond woman who was supposedly 1/32 Cherokee with high cheekbones to show us the way with a plagiarized recipe for "Cold Omelets with Crab Meat" in the famous cookbook named Pow Wow Chow, because in no way is naming an indigenous people's cookbook Pow Wow Chow a racial slur.

You can't make this stuff up.  No one would believe you if you did.

Yet when Trump called her "Pocahontas," the press went wild.  In fact, there was not a newspaper (what's a "newspaper"?) or a news show that didn't lead with some iteration of the teaser "Trump Uses Racial Slur to Describe the Esteemed Senator from Massachusetts." 

Apparently, many newsmen didn't realize that Pocahontas is widely considered an American hero for saving the life of John Smith (if that really was his name).

In fact, the story and the accusation ran for days, which had the unrealized and wholly unanticipated (by liberal-leftist-Democrats) effect of having the inquiring minds of half the nation wondering why he called her "Pocahontas." 

Thus, with one word, at a ceremony no one would have even been aware of, the president educated America on the fact that Elizabeth Warren pretended to be a Cherokee Indian to get a job at Harvard University.  I bet that did wonders for her plans to run for president in 2020.

Just as Bill Clinton's hope to be able to date again was ruined by his shrewish wife Hillary's loss to Donald Trump in 2016, Elizabeth Warren's dreams of having a presidential wigwam in 2020 were shattered by the overreaching of her allies (the media) and their uncontrollable detestation of our sitting president. 

As another digression, since Warren is a proven liar, if she had won the presidency in 2020, she could have been called "Sitting Bull."

As I said, you can't make this stuff up.

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