The 2017 Acronym of the Year: COVFEFE

The 2017 acronym of the year is COVFEFE, with an honorable mention to MAGA.

Choosing a Word of the Year is a popular pastime.  The lexicographers and sociolinguists have proffered  "complicit," "populism," "fake news," and "feminism."  Nevertheless, "collusion," after reverberating in the public square all year, again proved its WOTY bona fides as it underpinned President Trump's recent castigation of the FBI

By comparison, potential acronyms of the year get short shrift, even though they often convey powerful and concise messages in our social media milieu.  Sometimes too concise, especially when delivered via microblogs or instant messaging apps – for example, many remain bewildered by President Trump's debut of "covfefe."  I suspect it is not a misspelt word as many assumed; rather, it has the attributes of a robust acronym. 

Covfefe actually makes more sense as a new acronym describing America's ascendancy under Trump's tutelage – he just forgot to turn the caps lock on.  In the context of his bewitching tweet in the wee hours of May 31, 2017, this fits:  "Despite the constant negative press [America is] Competitive Optimistic Vibrant Fervent and Fearless (COVFEFE)."

President Trump was very clever in unveiling COVFEFE, and he couldn't possibly have garnered much more attention to his new rallying symbol – within six hours it was retweeted 127,000 times and "liked" much more than that.  Notwithstanding the negative press and "America First" naysayers, our state of COVFEFE was heightened, if not yet fully appreciated.

Despite the "bah humbug" killjoys wallowing in the resistance movement, we are inexorably becoming wealthy again, strong again, proud again, safe again, competitive again, exceptional again, and optimistic again.  To sum it up: great again.  Resistance is futile as we cleanse Obama's Deep State swamp and do our duty to help Make America Great Again, which is why #MAGA – the second most tweeted activism hashtag in 2017 – is runner up for ACROTY.  Not bad, considering that tweeters are overrepresented by young liberals

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