So why did Democrats have to create a false document to destroy Trump?

Opposition research must have started as soon as, if not before, Donald Trump announced he was running for president. I am sure many of Trump's Republican opponents, as well as Hillary Clinton, the DNC, liberal interest groups, the media, and others were searching far and wide for trash on Trump. 

The research must not have produced enough trash, or else why would the DNC and Hillary have paid Fusion GPS so handsomely to create what is clearly a false document? Fusion GPS trafficked the document to the Justice Department and intelligence officials. They obviously had seen how many intelligence officials had been willing to lie, especially James Clapper and John Brennan, and had seen how the Justice Department had protected the Obama Administration and especially Hillary and her aides no matter what they did. It was obvious that they were not "independent."

The Justice Department and intelligence officials in turn used the fake dossier to justify spying on Trump officials and to open an investigation on supposed Russian collusion. Of course this was fake also because if they would have ever been concerned about Russian collusion they would have also investigated and spied on Hillary. But they didn't. 

It was clear that the race was too close for comfort in early October so they had to pull out another card. Therefore they pulled out the Billy Bush tape from eleven years ago when Trump was talking privately with Bush and talked big about women and referred to women's body parts. The outrage by the media and Democrats and some Republicans was immediate and obviously mostly fake. My guess is every one of these outraged people have watched and listened to network TV, HBO, STARZ, Showtime, movies, and rap music. Have any one of them seen Two and One Half Men, Saturday Night Live, Will and Grace, or Girls? Have any of them heard lyrics to Jay Z and other rapper songs? They not only don't get outraged, they hand out awards. 

Kathy Griffin routinely told racy jokes and then in 2012 simulated giving Anderson Cooper a blow job on live TV on CNN one of the networks most outraged by anything Trump does. Of course CNN continued to have Griffin on through her tenth year in 2016 and the media pretends they were stunned when Trump used the P word.  We should all say B.S.

In 2008, NBC had a public roast of Matt Lauer where they told lewd and crude jokes much worse than anything Trump said privately to Bush and where everyone thought it was funny. This shows that it was fake outrage against Trump and it also shows that a huge number of people knew about Lauer's abuse and habits years before and intentionally kept it quiet. 

Here is just one of the classy jokes that people laughed at. .

Martha Stewart, one of the other guest speakers, declared to applause: 'I hear NBC executives call Matt the C**k of the Rock,' a reference to the network's Manhattan headquarters. 

Fake outrage is not outrage at all and almost all the outrage at Trump was fake and used to destroy Trump and his agenda.

We have seen over the last few years how the supposedly independent IRS and Justice Department have been used to go after political opponents of Obama and Hillary and have protected Obama officials and Hillary at every step yet journalists continually go after Trump instead of the clearly corrupted officials at IRS and Justice along with Hillary and her aides. 

It is clear that the swamp is deep and that some of the biggest and most dangerous swamp creatures are the journalists who protect Democrats at every turn and seek to destroy anyone who disagrees with the Democrats' agenda.

Thankfully we have Trump who it certainly appears is seeking to give the power and purse back to the people. This stands in stark contrast to Hillary who would have continually expanded the power and purse of the government and who would have obviously continued to exploit her power to enrich herself, her family and friends.

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