So what kind of toys are the little girls and boys asking for this year?

Transgender alert!  Feminist alert!  Politically incorrect alert!  For those easily triggered (uh, sorry for that word--not!) alert.   O.K., now that the snowflakes (yeah, I know--white stuff!) have clicked on something else  let us turn to ABC News for a truly shocking item.

The top toys this holiday season are Barbies for girls and LEGOs for boys.
And yes, "this holiday season" refers to 2017, not any holiday seasons between, oh, say, 1776-2016. And yes, of course, in those early years cited, obviously the deprived girls and boys didn't receive Barbies and LEGOs but certainly most wanted their rough equivalents--maybe a rag doll or a hand-carved wagon.
And one hundred years from now, in the 2117 holiday season, girls and boys will still be happily receiving updated versions of today's best sellers--perhaps animated dolls that grow with its owner for girls; build your own real spaceship capable of blasting off for boys.
Apparently, despite all the news of female car racing competitors and male chefs most young boys and girls still do young boy and girl things. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Some things never change.