Six million 'refugees' reported waiting to enter Europe from Mediterranean countries

Europe slowly is realizing that it has seen only the beginning of its invasion by the poor of the Middle East and Africa.  With Germany already reeling from a million refugees who flooded in from the Middle East, a classified German government report was leaked to the newspaper Blid. According to the Gatestone Institute: The report said that one million people are waiting in Libya; another one million are waiting in Egypt, 720,000 in Jordan, 430,000 in Algeria, 160,000 in Tunisia, and 50,000 in Morocco. More than three million others who are waiting in Turkey are currently prevented from crossing into Europe by the EU's migrant deal with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Those 3 million in the care of an Islamist leader of Turkey with ambitions for a caliphate can't help but revive memories of Ottoman invasions and conquests of part of Europe that lasted for centuries.  Erdoğan can pull the trigger and release 3 million...(Read Full Post)