Savor the irony: 3 sanctuary cities sue feds for lapses in adding names to gun background check database

Some reporting requirements are more equal than other reporting requirements, it seems.  New YorkPhiladelphia, and San Francisco all proudly and deliberately flout reporting requirements that would allow federal authorities to keep illegal aliens who have committed additional crimes out of our country and unable to victimize future Kate Steinles.

Yet, these same reporting scofflaws now are hardliners when it comes to inadvertent failures to add names to the federal firearms background list.  This would have done nothing to save Kate Steinle, whose assailant illegally obtained his weapon (he claims he found it under a bench).

Colleen Long of the Associated Press reports:

Three large U.S. cities filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Department of Defense, arguing that many service members who are disqualified from gun ownership weren't reported to the national background check system. ...

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, seeks an injunction and judicial oversight to ensure ongoing compliance with the Defense Department's obligation to submit records. ...

"The department continues to work with the services as they review and refine their policies and procedures to ensure qualifying criminal history information is submitted to the FBI," said Tom Crosson, a Pentagon spokesman.

Just so.  It is important in ensuring the safety of Americans that dangerous people – including veterans who were disqualified from firearms during their service – be added to federal databases.  The same logic applies to dangerous illegal aliens when they are released from custody by states and localities.

How stupid do the Democrats running  these big cities think we are?

Hat tip: Mike Nadler