Record cold weather caused guessed warming!

Something that never interferes with the climate change indoctrinators is facts.  Since we are getting record cold, that is also caused by climate change and global warming, and that is caused by humans, according to these so-called "experts."

From an article that made its way to USA Today:

This week's cold snap has brought record-low temperatures, freezing rain and heavy snow to much of the United States.  But 2017 is still on track to be the second- or third-hottest year ever recorded globally – and scientists say climate change is to blame[.] ...

Even this week's cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.

These experts just make things up as they go.  Did any of them predict this?  I don't believe so, therefore they just change their predictions.  The computer models haven't predicted any climate or weather events with accuracy, so they just adjust the data.

The record cold is caused by global warming in the same way that droughts are caused by too much rain and the record snow in Erie, Pennsylvania is caused by warm weather.  The ten-year gap between major storms and the almost twenty-year pause in warming are irrelevant, because the agenda must go on. 

The media will gladly reprint this crap as if it were true, and people like me who say truthfully that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally will be called stupid and deniers.

The media will also pretend the current economic growth is being caused by Obama (after an eight-year delay) instead of being caused by reduced regulations and the hope and now reality that people and businesses will be allowed to keep more of the money they earn.  The media will rewrite history as long as necessary to trash Trump and genuflect to Obama.

Maybe the media could list all the economic policies and regulations Obama proposed and implemented to help the overall economy grow faster.  I can't think of any. 

It is no wonder that the media are not trusted to report the truth when they reprint and believe the garbage that record cold is caused by global warming. 

I would like these scientists to go out and do a junior high science experiment that shows that warming causes cold or that CO2 causes warming.  They would find a zero correlation.

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