Preposterous 'Breakfast Date Rape' case shows the extremes of liberal hysteria

May I ask you a provocative question?  Have you ever been raped?  Specifically, have you ever been raped and then invited your would-be rapist to spend the night with you afterward, and then had breakfast with your attacker the following morning, and then, sometime later, when the alleged rapist did not call you as he promised he would, only then decided you were raped? This is not a purely theoretical question, but rather is one of the cases spotlighted by the New York Times to show the need for greater prosecution of "date rape."  The Obama administration felt that there was an epidemic of underreported "date rape" on college campuses.  (Incidences of reported rape were low...and therefore underreported.  If you haven't learned how to think like a liberal, it's never too late to start!) And so the federal government used its rather amorphous powers under Title IX to press colleges into more...(Read Full Post)