Poll reveals public distrust of Mueller probe and FBI

Even more shocking than the findings of this poll are its origins (a former Clinton pollster) and the MSM silence that has greeted it.  Writing in The Hill, Mark Penn, the former Clinton pollster, highlights the strong public skepticism:

Sixty-three percent of polled voters believe that the FBI has been resisting providing information to Congress on the Clinton and Trump investigations. This is a remarkable finding for an agency whose new head said a few days ago that the agency was in fine shape. No, it isn't.

Fifty-four percent say special counsel Robert Mueller has conflicts of interest that prevent him from doing an unbiased job, also according to this month's Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll. So, given this finding, the silence from the special counsel on the subject has become downright deafening.

Like a few (very few) members of the Democrat establishment (Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell are two others that spring to mind), Penn is rising above the petty partisan hysteria prevalent, and considers the national interest:

Clearly these numbers indicate that there is a crisis in public confidence in both the FBI and Mueller. What makes these findings important is that, with Trump's approval rating at 41 percent, these results include large numbers of voters who don't like Trump yet who now agree that these investigations have veered off course. ...

Someone now is going to have to stand up and have the courage to clean all this up, get to the full facts and reset the whole investigation to look at everything here, from the original Clinton investigation on through the transition.

With roughly 40 percent of the country hating Trump and another 40 percent loving him, the middle 20% holds the balance of power.  And these figures indicate that the balance has shifted and regards the Russia "collusion" investigation as phony.

And get this:

This survey was conducted online within the United States between November 08-11, 2017 among 1,989 registered voters by The Harris Poll.

The polling took place well before the Strzok-Page text messages were released!  If anything, public trust in Mueller and the Russia collusion investigation has fallen even farther.  And the large sample size and limitation of respondents to registered voters mean that this is no junk poll.

Penn spoke about the poll yesterday to Martha McCallum on Fox News.

Even though the rest of the major media are ignoring this story of public suspicion, it is obvious that the public is reading and viewing around the MSM blockade and making up its own mind.

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