People in the Washington glass house

On Monday, four U.S. senators publicly suggested that President Trump resign from office because of alleged, but unproven, sexual harassment claims against him.  Tuesday, the drumbeat against the president continued, with comments from a Hawaiian senator and a suggestion from a caucus of over fifty congresswomen that Congress investigate the claims.

It seems that all of our elected politicians need to be reminded of the four-hundred-year old European proverb, "people who live in a glass house shouldn't throw stones."

These senators and congressmen and congresswomen work in a big glass house so rife with cracks from sexual harassment and misogyny claims, with more on the way, that it is about to fall in on itself.

Senate Democrats and millions of Democratic voters, mostly women, who elected President Clinton set the bar for triggering outrage for presidential sexual harassment and misogyny by not demanding Clinton's resignation for his harassment of numerous women.

Now the Democratic political geniuses, by eating their own – requiring that Representative John Conyers and Senator Al Franken resign – want the American public to accept the notion that now that Donald Trump is president and the Clinton years are long over and forgotten, they can established new standards and penalties for sexual harassment.  And that we should now all join in and apply the new Democrat-defined standards to this president.  This is a variation on a "bait and switch" tactic that will have much shorter legs than the get-rid-of-Trump with the Russian-election-meddling ploy.

Unless those politicians suggesting that the President Trump resign will:

(1) demand that the Clintons, in settlement under the new Democrat standards of William Clinton's harassment of women – since retroactive resignation is not possible – donate the total sum of monies now amassed in the 1997 William J. Clinton Foundation to unaffiliated non-political charities; and

(2) demand that Mrs. Hillary Clinton publicly announce that her husband, William Clinton, was, in fact, a congenital sexual harasser and misogynist and that she publicly denied his prurient activities purely for political purposes,

...they need to save their outrage for their colleagues in the Congress and try to keep their glass house from imploding.

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