Palestinian agitators embarrass selves with puny turnout for 'day of rage' over Jerusalem embassy move

Those "experts" who long have warned of "violent chaos" if the U.S. moves its embassy to Jerusalem have been exposed as a bunch of hysterical ninnies, at best, in the Age of Trump.  The fury of the "Arab street," the purported seething anger over America recognizing the reality that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, is a chimera in the era of Iran, ISIS, and a booming high-tech Israel in a de facto alliance with a reformist Saudi monarch. To be sure, the leadership of Hamas, Hezb'allah and the Palestinian Authority need there to be violence, and they have the resources to produce some.  But all they could come up with were comparatively puny riots on Friday – after Arabs went to mosques and heard fiery sermons.  The violence afterward was just vicious enough to provoke an Israeli response and produce scary photo-ops for CNN and the rest: In fact, there was no spontaneous violence directly after...(Read Full Post)