Obama tries to claim credit for Trump economic boom, finally gets smacked down

One of the more obvious things about the Trump economy is how much better it is than the Obama economy.

Yet incredibly, President Obama, as if jealously looking on at this night-and-day difference, is trying to claim credit for it.

From the Washington Times:

Former President Barack Obama is taking credit for the robust economic growth that is taking place under President Trump.

At a conference of mayors in Chicago, Mr. Obama congratulated himself Tuesday for strong employment numbers in the U.S. this year, saying his climate-change policies have contributed to growth.

"As we took these actions, we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently," Mr. Obama said. "We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far, a streak that still continues by the way."

He added wryly, "Thanks, Obama."

Investor's Business Daily did two fine editorials on what was really going on, how and why the economy was growing, here and here, and American Thinker noted one of these editorials here.  Cutting taxes, throwing out regulations, and ending the harassment of Obama-unfavored industries such as oil and coal have done wonders.

Now White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called Obama out on his bid to claim credit.

"Donald Trump's relentless focus on tax cuts, deregulation and draining the swamp is great for job growth... with minorities, women, men and even those with low incomes, showing the best gains" https://t.co/DpvWtKlCY6

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) December 10, 2017

Since the election "the jobless rate for African Americans dropped from 8% to 7.3%, while for Hispanics it fell from 5.7% to 4.7%...and with Trump's big tax cuts on the way, job growth isn't likely to end soon -more good news for all Americans." -Investor's Business Daily

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) December 10, 2017

Can't make it up: Obama now wants credit for the booming Trump economy. At least we can all agree the economy is better under President Trump.

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) December 10, 2017

I'm old enough to remember when President Trump's election was going to "crash the market." One year later: market up over 30%, two million new jobs & 1,000 new manufacturing jobs created every day just last month...and now Obama wants credit for the booming Trump economy.

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) December 10, 2017 

Obama's claims to credit are not new.  Ben Rhodes has been crafting this "narrative" for several months now on Twitter as news after news comes out about the U.S. finally seeing better economic times under President Trump.

But like everything Obama's "mind meld" claims, it's the exact opposite of the truth. Obama's economy was all about cash for clunkers, six-figure bureaucrats in the Virginia suburbs surrounded by a run-down America, SEIU bank shakedowns, Occupy Wall Street encampments, and pajama boys living in mom's basement.  A good economy it was not.

Markets are anticipatory.  From the very beginning, when news broke that Trump was elected president, the stock market rocketed upward, a sign of pent up energy in an economy yearning to break free and a forecast for better times.  The expectations have since proven accurate.

Jobs are up, and job creation is finally happening.  Gross Domestic Product has topped 3% for two quarters running.  Taxes are about to be cut, and if that finally gets done in Congress, we will be "winning so often we will be tired of winning," as President Trump puts it.  Black homeownership is up.  Latino and black employment are up.  Business investment is up.  Total earnings are up.  Manufacturing is up.  The stock market has gained 30% since President Trump's election.

There's no doubt about it: this economy is Trump's economy, just as it would be Trump's economy if he had made bad economic decisions.  Now it's coming to light, and Obama is trying to hide his own bad record by incredibly claiming credit.