No 'Feliz Navidad' for Jorge Ramos, or so we hear

Our friend Jorge Ramos just made an incredible statement, as I saw in this report:

Nearly a year into the Trump presidency, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos says he's experiencing "the worst moment I've had in the 34 years I've been living in the United States."

"With Donald Trump there, I have never been treated so badly. I have never been insulted so much. We've never been attacked so much. They have never tried to run us out as much as now," Ramos vented in an interview with the Spanish radio network Cadena SER.

Ramos, who proclaimed himself "if not an enemy, an opponent" of Trump in the interview, complained about the massive blowback he has received since deciding to use his media platforms to openly oppose the choice of over 62 million American voters in last year's U.S. presidential election.

It's a free country, and Jorge Ramos can choose to spend his "Navidad" any way he wants.  However, Jorge should consider a couple of things:

First, if the Democrats had won, then he'd be angry, writing articles about Democrats never keeping their promises.  Let's remember this one from a previous "Obama Navidad":

"When he had a hold on Congress, when he had 60 votes in the Senate, he could have done it," Ramos says. "And he didn't. He chose other issues. And that's why Latinos are so frustrated."

"Muy correcto, Jorge."  The Democrats didn't because they know that you, and most of your colleagues, will support the Democrats no matter how many promises they make and break.  As I have said on Univision and Telemundo, Hispanics will never be powerful until they hold parties accountable for promises.

Second, you could be back in Mexico calling Trump names but earning "pesos."  That would be really misery!

Cheer up.  Trump's presidency will mean more book sales, more appearances on Hannity and living the good life in the U.S.  Plus, Univision will pay lower taxes next year!

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