#MeToo really means #GetTrump

When the #MeToo hashtag began, I warned anyone who would listen against unqualified participation by those honestly seeking to make things better.  I was concerned that the structure, rapidity, and prepackaged nature of this "movement" had all the hallmarks of a social-justice setup.

I advocated for addressing these issues under different auspices, avoiding the already saddled horse curiously standing outside, waiting for you to mount it and ride.  Who saddled this horse?  How was it so conveniently available to everyone, yet without any pedigree or provenance?

How did something spring from nothing in such short order, unless it wasn't organic at all, but rather astro-turf in nature and pernicious in practice?

The left has sacrificed the very worst among its own members – Weinstein, Conyers, Spacey, et al. – in order to achieve critical mass in societal unrest vis-à-vis the issue of sexual misconduct and harassment.  Leftists accomplish their aim of incitement while ridding themselves of those who proved indiscreet.

Sexual misconduct and harassment are an issue begging honest redress, but not via the puppet-strings of political calculation.  This is too important of a societal ill to abandon to unthinking anger, leading to the dismissal of fairness (and proof!) in pursuit of vengeance, without regard to the merit of the allegation.

This is the climate of hysteria I cautioned all to beware.

This is the tilting tabletop upon which I lost friends as I tried in vain to encourage a more critical view of their role in throwing support behind a movement, the genesis of which was, at the beginning, shrouded and ephemeral.

It's no longer a mystery.  This is part and parcel of the "get Trump" movement.  Hysteria whipped to a froth, anger slapped to a wicked temperature until anything in its path will suffer terribly.

The #MeToo movement is a crass and hurtful exploitation of America's women by people with an ulterior motive: the overturning by any means of a legitimate election by the people.

The stage is set, and many on the conservative side have helped mightily with painting the backdrops and props necessary to this production's premiere.

Whether you want to see this play or not, the curtain is about to rise on the left's (and establishment right's) masterwork: "The Destruction of a President," as Donald Trump is thrown in the path of an increasingly unhinged and rabid #MeToo movement.

The final act opens with a press conference and the presentation of "new" Trump accusers.

Truth means nothing on this contrived stage.  Only the script matters, which, sadly, many good women, both conservative and liberal, have unwittingly helped write.

The author writes from Omaha, Neb. and welcomes visitors to his website, www.dailyherring.com.

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