Mastermind of largest Social Security fraud in history caught in Honduras

Eric Conn, who masterminded the largest Social Security disability claim fraud in history, and who had been on the run since pleading guilty at his trial six months ago, was captured by the FBI in Honduras. Conn and a host of conspirators who included doctors, lawyers, and a Social Security judge bilked the taxpayer for potentially $600 million in bogus disability claims.  Conn was on bail when he cut off his ankle monitor and fled the country. Washington Times: He was spotted heading to the U.S.-Mexico border, and told news outlets he had managed to escape the U.S., but the FBI over the summer said it doubted he'd actually left the country. A man purporting to be Conn had bragged to outlets, including The Washington Times, about his ability to escape, and explaining his reasons. The Honduran newspaper ran a photo of Conn surrounded by masked officers of the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency, which was the division that...(Read Full Post)