It must have been time for a front-page white nationalists article


When planning the pre-holiday week's stories, USA Today's editors (who recently proclaimed President Trump "not fit to clean the toilets" at the Obama Library) must not have been able to find a new story on the fake Russian collusion.  They couldn't claim in fake news that Paul Ryan is retiring, and they couldn't make up that Trump is firing Tillerson.  Maybe USA Today hadn't found the fake story in the Washington Post that Trump is going to drop Gorsuch. 

USA Today obviously didn't have room to cover a story in Politico that the Obama administration sabotaged efforts to damage the financial operations of the Hezb'allah terrorist group, all so he could have his precious Iran nuclear deal. 

They didn't have room to cover all the obvious bias on Mueller's team and the connections to Fusion GPS. 

They basically needed a daily story to trash Trump, so they blamed Trump for a pretend buildup in white nationalists. 

Underlying that shift from society's fringes to center stage is a new strategy that taps into the frustrations of white people angry at a society they say has marginalized them and a new political landscape that appears to give voice to their cause.

President Trump's election last year became a major rallying point for white nationalists, who watched as the Republican repeatedly amplified some of their views in campaign rallies and tweets. 

Back in the heyday of the 1920s, when progressives were having their pet scheme of prohibition "improving" America, there were 4 million members of the KKK.  Democrat Robert Byrd was an outstanding leader over the years.  Now they are down to around 0.003% of the population.  Does that look like a buildup to anyone?  There also can't be too many actual members of white nationalist groups, or we might see the number. 

Trump must not be a very good recruiter. 

They estimate that the KKK counts between 5,000 and 8,000 members nationwide. Back in the 1920's, when cities across the south were erecting monuments to Confederate generals, the Klan had 4 million members.

I am sure we will have to wait from now until eternity for USA Today to say the rhetoric of Democrats, rap stars, Hollywood, and the media has caused the buildup in Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and other Soros-funded groups to ramp up and cause violence.  The race card and class card are repeatedly drawn.  Cops are routinely trashed, and capitalism and corporations are disparaged while big government and socialist policies are pushed.  Young people truly do not understand that capitalism is the system that reduces poverty and lifts people up, while socialism and communism hold people down and make them dependent on government. 

It is especially disgusting to watch journalists and other Democrats essentially trash corporations and push more government and more socialist policies.  After the Democrats trash the corporations with their rhetoric, the far-left protest groups climb on and trash corporations and capitalism.  Sometimes they use violence and physically destroy businesses and jobs. 

The Democrats seem to be so economically illiterate that they do not understand that all businesses are owned, run, and staffed by people, not inanimate objects.  Every dollar that flows in and out of a company's coffers ends up flowing to individuals.  The company develops and sells the product.  Most of the largest owners of companies are mutual funds and public pension funds.  If corporations do well, the California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Illinois pension funds will do better, which will reduce the taxes they need.  Somehow, Democrats don't care about that. 

It is no wonder that so many young people think communism and socialism are good and capitalism is bad.  That is what they are continuously taught and what they read in the ever compliant media. 

It sickens me that politicians, bureaucrats, and most Democrats believe they are entitled to so much of the public's money when they did not take any risk and did not earn the money. 

There is almost zero chance that the USA Today will recognize that its rhetoric has contributed to the growth of the far-left protest groups while the paper's editors run a pathetic white nationalist story on the front page.

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