It is too bad journalists idolized Obama instead of being embarrassed by what he did

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post implies that all of us are embarrassed by President Trump.  We essentially get different versions of the same things trashing Trump every day.  I am absolutely not ashamed of Trump, but I am ashamed of Ruth Marcus and most other journalists, who somehow were never embarrassed by, but actually proud of our previous president, who didn't understand that leading from behind is not leading.

Has there been a more embarrassing year for the United States?  Thinking Americans cringe at what foreign countries and their leaders make of us and our president, with his reckless upending of international agreements, his bigoted and poorly executed  travel ban, his unashamed ignorance, his reckless tweets, his endless susceptibility to flattery.

Journalists and other Democrats should have been embarrassed but weren't when: 

-Obama reneged on our commitment to put up missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic. 

-Obama whispered to Medvedev that he should tell Putin that he would have more flexibility after he was elected.

-Obama sneered at Mitt Romney in a presidential debate when Romney said Putin and Russia are dangerous. 

-Obama and Hillary left people to die in Benghazi while concocting a lie to protect his political power, because a terrorist attack would be inconvenient right before an election when he had been lying that terrorists were on the run.

-Obama showed his lack of intelligence when he called ISIS the J.V. team, allowing the terrorists to build up.

-Obama drew the fictional red line in Syria, which contributed greatly to the refugee crisis.

-Obama failed to live up to our commitment to help Ukraine when it was invaded by Russia (international agreements meant nothing to Obama).

-Obama was so arrogant and ignorant that he signed the Paris Accord, where he pretended that if people just give the government trillions of dollars, politicians can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever.

-The way he was going to control the climate was by slowing the U.S economy and bankrupting coal companies and through stifling regulations.  (I don't know why journalists and other Democrats aren't embarrassed by politicians who want to slow down the economy and make more people dependent on government.)

-Obama failed to live up to his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. 

-Obama used taxpayer money to defeat a candidate in Israel.  (Aren't journalists and Democrats embarrassed to complain about Russia interfering in our elections when Obama interfered in someone else's election with taxpayer dollars?) 

-Obama continually said that as president he could not rewrite or ignore existing immigration law and did it anyway.

-Obama and his staff lied to willing accomplices in the media about lifting up the major sponsor of terrorism. 

Now it appears that Obama cared more about his legacy on Iran and little about the terrorist group Hezb'allah and its drug-running.  It is sad that Obama cared so little about the people who got and used the drugs and the terrorists attacks and so very much about his legacy. 

I remember that George Clooney, Democrats, and journalists cared greatly about Darfur and Congo when Bush was President, and that issue essentially disappeared when Obama was elected.  Did Obama take care of that issue? 

I am actually not embarrassed about Trump and am proud when: 

-Trump told NATO's other members that they should pay what they committed to. 

-Trump actually lives up to our commitment to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia. 

-Trump continually stresses to China and Russia that they must help on North Korea instead of just watching North Korea build up. 

-Trump finished ISIS off in Syria and Iraq. 

-Trump understands that you need serious vetting to protect America from countries that are the most likely sponsors of terrorism. 

-Trump decertified the dangerous Iran deal. 

-Trump kept his commitment to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

-Trump pulled out of the TPP deal, knowing that smaller trade deals are easier to monitor and fix. 

-Trump is intelligent and modest enough to know that there is no way for humans to control the climate. 

-Trump knows that a president is supposed to enforce immigration laws that Congress passes instead of unilaterally picking and choosing which laws to enforce. 

-Trump travels around the world telling everyone that America is his first interest and that their countries should be first for them. 

-Trump and Nikki Haley lecture the U.N. instead of having the U.N. control us. 

I believe that the problem with Ruth Marcus is that she hangs around with only people who think like her instead of getting out and traveling.  She would see that a lot of people are proud of Trump and his "Make America Great Again" slogan. 

It is truly sad that Marcus and most journalists were never embarrassed about what Obama did.

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