Ideology more important than integrity to Los Angeles Times editorial board in Janet Napolitano scandal

The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times has weighed in on the scandalous behavior of Janet Napolitano, who corrupted a state audit of her performance and hid a $175 million slush fund. A CEO of a public company that did what Napolitano did would be fired, and might well face criminal prosecution. But to the LA Times, it’s worth overlooking because:  She has been a strong leader for the university during troubled financial and political times, resisting efforts to weaken the university’s independence with a welcome level of toughness and dedicating herself to protecting the university’s undocumented students. The unethical acts of her direct subordinates carried out with her knowledge (which were so outrageous that the state legislature and Governor Brown have now criminalized them in response) should be overlooked because she is protecting people who have violated out immigration laws! I urge readers to peruse the entire editorial...(Read Full Post)