How to shove 'woke' down the throats of obnoxious progs

Are you feeling feisty today?  If so, there is no better writer to get your bile flowing than the estimable Kurt Schlichter of  His new column culturally appropriates the obnoxious meme of "woke" created by progressives to signal how enlightened they are compared to us.  In doing so, he illuminates the power we have, if only we choose to use it.

A brief excerpt:

And when you're conservative woke, you're ready to deploy the most powerful non-bullet firing weapon in your liberty-loving arsenal – your devastating capability not to give a damn what the liberals and their Conservative, Inc., cruise-shilling Benedict Arnold buddies say.

When you don't care anymore, they got nothing.

What are these whiny weasels going to do to you anyway? Not like you? Think bad things about you? Taunt you a second time?

Look. Learn. Accept the harsh truth.

They hate you.

The game of using media, academic, and cultural power to shame conservatives into abandoning their policies worked like a charm on every member of the GOP establishment for decades.  

Until Trump.

There is a lot more entertainment value here, and more than a little enthusiasm for going forward with our movement.

Read the whole thing.

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