How did unsubstantiated rumors make it to the front pages of newspapers?

I get more disgusted every day with what I see on the front page of my morning paper.  Today I get the rumor story that Trump is considering replacing Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. This is essentially a rumor based on unnamed sources, yet the AP and others report it as if it were factual news.  Tillerson is the target today, but there have been rotating targets in the media throughout the Trump presidency. My guess is that there are people within the Trump administration or leftovers from the Obama administration who don't like Tillerson or who just want to disrupt the Trump administration.  The more these rumors are reported, the more people in the administration get mad at each other.  No matter where the rumors come from, they start to be believed, and some may come true. I might as well read the National Enquirer or Star in the supermarket line if I want to read rumors on the front page.  The National Enquirer gets some things right...(Read Full Post)