Hilarious: Watch Chuck Schumer complain nobody paying attention to his anti-tax reform rant on Senate floor

I must confess that I find New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, annoying at best to listen to.  He finds it difficult to speak without a tone of condescension in his voice and characteristically assumes a stance of moral, as well as intellectual, superiority to those who dare to disagree.  In other words, a singularly repellant man, whose election and re-election by the voters of New York State remain a mystery to me.  Who could stand to vote for such an obnoxious man?  Evidently, New Yorkers see his behavior as normal and acceptable.

But yesterday, on the Senate floor, we saw evidence that his colleagues among the Solons share at least some of my aversion to listening to Schumer being his snide and obnoxious self.  His anti-tax reform bill rant last night was so crushingly ignored that he complained multiple times that nobody was listening to him.

NBC News (!) tweeted out a 24-second excerpt from his Senate speech that included a demand that the presiding officer of the Senate (Jeff Flake at that particular moment) restore order ("Can we have order, Mr. President?"), meaning stopping the side conversations.  He added even more plaintively, "We believe you're messing up America. You could pay attention for a couple of minutes."

Paula Boyard of PJ Media tweeted out a picture of the only person in the Senate paying attention to Schumer, Patty Murray.  This might be because she was the only senator in the field of vision of the C-SPAN TV cameras focused on Schumer.  Senators all know that the rules governing C-SPAN's cameras require them to focus only on the speaker, not the reactions of the chamber. 

Hat tip: Paula Boyard, PJ Media

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