Gee, more 'unexpected' growth from President Trump's economy

 For eight long years, the economy did worse than economists forecast and the Obama administration promised. It never breached the 3% mark, for one.

The stimulus was supposed to turbocharge growth. It didn’t. Cash for clunkers was hailed as a panacea - it wasn't. We were supposed to have a “Summer of Jobs,” but unemployment went up and millennials moved into their parents' basements. Under President Obama, every year, economists predicted strong growth ahead, and every year, the GDP came in lower than promised, often much lower. Just last year, for example, these Obama-besmitten economists out on Wall Street were predicting 2.6% growth in a year when actual growth was 1.5%.

Now, as Investor’s Business Daily points out, the opposite is happening. Every week since, well, last November, it seems we’re reading how the economy is doing “unexpectedly” well. Just out now as breaking news, the Los Angeles Times has released the headline: "U.S. employers add 228,000 jobs in November; unemployment rate stays at 4.1%." And the Federal Reserve has just reported that household wealth is 8% higher than a year ago. It always seems to come in better than expected, leaving these economists befuddled. And it’s possible that, for the first time in a decade, GDP will beat initial forecasts.

Well gee. What’s changed?  IBD's op-ed by John Merline, called "Has Anyone Noticed That Trump's Economy Keeps Beating Expectations?" has the goods.

Meanwhile, Obama, realizing that his performance in office, strangling business investment with regulations, is looking like an aberrant interregnum of stagnation, is claiming credit for the economic takeoff that happened only once he left office and his mischief started to be undone. 


He is pathetic beyond words, just like his presidency.

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