Forget the rest: Here's the best candidate for 'Word of the Year' chose "complicit," Cambridge Dictionary chose "populism," and Collins went with "fake news" as the 2017 word of the year.  "Collusion" would also have been a good choice; after all, it provided much of the impetus for three of the most tweeted activism hashtags on twitter:  #Resist (1), #ImpeachTrump (3), and #NotMyPresident (6). Collusion's WOTY credentials are stellar based just on online lookups and trends, plus it was ubiquitous throughout fake news all year, even if the act it inexplicably described – the Trump campaign colluding with Russia during the 2016 election – was illusory. Since much of the WOTY choice is subjective, I suspect that the liberal lexicographic intelligentsia would give a nod to "collusion" had the Russia investigation uncovered any.  Instead, they may want to divert attention from the fact that Mueller's team is riddled with Clinton sycophants whose...(Read Full Post)