Foolish Dems have set themselves up for tax cut blowback

The unquestioning media support that Democrats receive for their narratives – regardless of their truth or falsity – has led congressional Democrats out on a limb that President Trump is about to saw off, when he signs the tax reform bill.  Unlike foreign policy or regulatory reform, people pay much more attention to their personal experience than to political rhetoric.  In fact, voters care so much about the economy that they will see that the Democrats have been blowing smoke at them. James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal calls it "The February Surprise" – the increased paychecks that the vast majority of American workers will experience in February, when the tax reform bill is implemented by IRS issuance of withholding guidelines in January.  The contrast between the positive personal results and the extreme rhetoric of Democrats opposing it will come home to voters in a very personal way. Yesterday, on the House floor,...(Read Full Post)