Episcopal cleric prays for Queen Elizabeth's heir to be gay

An article in the U.K. Independent entitled "Christians should pray for Prince Charles to be gay, says senior Scottish Reverend" reports on the recent blog post by the Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of St. Mary's Cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church of the Anglican Union.  Reverend Holdsworth has issued a public call for prayer that four-year-old Prince George be homosexual and that he one day "find love" with a man rather than a woman.  Holdsworth is praying for Queen George I.

Reverend Holdsworth is a prominent British pro-homosexuality activist.  The fundamental precept of the reverend's political movement is that homosexuality is inborn, cannot be changed, and must not be repressed.  This despite overwhelming evidence that homosexuality is a complex phenomenon with complex causes.  Holdsworth's prayers of homosexualization are not only for the future, but also for the present.  For the sake of his political aims, Holdsworth hopes that the little boy is already indelibly homosexual and will be powerless over that condition throughout life.

It seems that Reverend Holdsworth has been thinking about Prince George's sexuality for some time.  He first publicly hoped, in a blog post two years ago, that the prince grows up to be homosexual.  The boy was a toddler of two at the time.  Any time an adult makes sexually oriented statements about a child, it is abusive – and when about a baby, it is sick.

It is no coincidence that Reverend Holdsworth is preoccupied with the sexual orientation of a little boy and not a girl.  His remarks about this boy are consistent with a connection between adult male homosexuality and pedophilia.

Reverend Holdsworth is not a safe adult for children.  At a minimum, Reverend Holdsworth has shown he will psychologically mistreat boys to serve political purposes.  His call for prayers about Prince George is cruel.  It is difficult enough that the Prince will grow up under the glare of constant publicity.  To make matters worse, Holdsworth's campaign seeks to have millions of people studying every small gesture and look of a growing boy for signs that the reverend's wishes are true.

Reverend Holdsworth did not have the integrity to make his plea for prayers about the child's sexuality from his pulpit; rather, he took to the internet.  Even in the madness of Holdsworth's sexuality-obsessed imagination, he dare not form words of supplication to Jesus Christ in a sanctified place for such a purpose.  Such an incantation is the rite of a sex cult, opposed to the tenets of Christianity.  Through the ages, countless billions of tearful prayers for the curing of sick children have been placed upon the Messiah's Hem.  Kelvin Holdsworth is praying not for the curing of a sick child, but for the opposite.  For political purposes, Holdsworth is praying that a child already carrying an enormous responsibility of marriage and fatherhood be further burdened and conflicted.

The Queen of England is the supreme governor of the Church of England, which, like Reverend Holdsworth's Scottish Episcopal Church, is a member of the Anglican Communion.  Reverend Holdsworth is employed not by a trashy tabloid.  Yet Holdsworth is confident he can publicly homosexualize the queen's great grandson with impunity.

He appears to be right.  The former chaplain to the queen, Reverend Gavin Ashenden, noted that Holdsworth was "praying the child out of the intentions of God."  In a sane world, Holdsworth would be defrocked for focusing unwholesome attention on the monarch's heir.  In centuries past, he might have been relieved of his noggin as a blasphemer and traitor.  In this world gone mad, he will be lionized and protected by homosexuality supremacists.

The case of Reverend Holdsworth's hopes and prayers about Prince George is reminiscent of the Charlie Gard case.  That tragedy reminded us that the worst aspect of slavery is the inability to protect one's own children, something Reverend Holdsworth cannot understand.  If the tender babes of British royalty cannot be protected from exploitation and psychological abuse by homosexual clergy, no British child is safe.  Britons never shall be slaves?  They are already.

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