Eminem, the male Rachel Dolezal, raps he's embarassed to be white and wants to kill himself

Gangsta rappa Eminem, whose paycheck stems from playing a white guy who can do credible impressions of black guys, mostly for the entertainment of other white guys, says in his new "Revival" album that he thinks it's embarrassing to be white and sometimes he wants to kill himself.

According to Information Liberation:

In his new rap album "Revival," Eminem says it has been "embarrassing" to be white and he thinks about "checking out on life" and killing himself because he "can't escape this circumstance."

The 45-year-old rapper says in his song "Untouchable" that "there have been times where it's been embarrassing to be a white boy."

"Seems like the average lifespan of a white man is more than twice than a black life span," Eminem says. "I wonder sometimes if it has a price scanner."

"I feel like checking out on life, can't escape this circumstance," he says.

One is tempted to invite the former Marshall Bruce Mathers III to be our guest with such sentiment, but the problem here is that people listen to him, improbable as it sounds.

Here is what's wrong with this picture:

First, the boob is less imitating the sentiment of black rappers he imitates than choing all the junk thought found in every fourth-rate university with virtue-signaling intentions.  Somehow being white is so bad that it deserves self-genocide.  To make things right.  Like the thinking of this clown here.  It's self-absorbed snowflake talk with absolutely no seriousness whatsoever, so typical of academia, because none of these oafs has any intention of committing suicide for being white.  Is this guy trying to impress us with his intellectual prowess?  Not working, pal.

Second, it's not the first time the bozo has mooned to himself about death and violence.  He's pretty famous for his lyrics about rape and violence and is well known for his atrocious behavior toward his on-again, off-again wife and his daughter.  The Daily Caller chronicles 19 "songs" where he expresses his love for beating and raping women, as well as hating gay people.  He's also big on threatening Republican presidents, being a leftist and all.  So threatening to kill himself is just advancing the same stupid narrative in the interest of ego and money.

Image by Gonzo Overkill.

Third, why does he have a problem with being white anyway?  His whole shtick is being the white guy who can rap as well as the black guys.  He imitates them just as Rich Little does impressions.  And his identification with being black for personal gain puts him in the same category as Rachel Dolezal.  That's how he makes his money.  If he were simply a black guy doing the same words, motions, and gestures, how would he be at all different from his competition?  Would anyone pay attention to him?  So saying that the one thing that allows him to make money over all his competitors is somehow suicide-worthy is pretty disingenuous, indeed.

Is this guy an idiot?  No other word to describe him.  No wonder even the solicitous and left-wing Los Angeles Times calls his latest album full of "clunker after clunker," citing its childishness.  It is.

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