Donald Trump and the white supremacy hand jive

It was a tough week for the fakestream media.  President Trump and the Republicans passed a huge tax cut.  The economy is humming along.  Consumer confidence, Christmas spending, employment, and the stock market are at big-league levels.

Poor CNN is relegated to reporting on a truck blocking its reporters' view of Trump's golf course.  A three-day story.  That's far more time than they spent covering President Obama turning a blind eye to Hezb'allah trafficking drugs in the U.S.

The latest story is how a White House intern supposedly gave a "white power" gesture during a group photo with President Trump.  This subject was covered dutifully by The Daily Mail, The Hill, and Newsweek.  It even showed up in the Southern Hemisphere by the New Zealand Herald.

The gesture in question.

The poor intern didn't get the memo that the standard Trump thumbs-up sign was the hand gesture for the day.  Then again, the President frequently flashes the OK sign.

It was also news to me that the OK sign means white power.  Some of my readers call me a racist, white supremacist, or a Nazi – meaning I should be well acquainted with the special hand gestures of these groups.  But alas, I wasn't.

Earlier this year, the Anti-Defamation League weighed in on the OK sign and whether it has sinister dog-whistle tones, heard only by liberal ears.  The ADL "[d]oes not think the thumb and forefinger 'OK' hand gesture is a white supremacist sign."  Shouldn't that settle the matter?

I guess not, as the intern's OK sign caused a firestorm with the usual accusations that Trump and his interns are all white supremacist Nazis.

If so, they are in good company.  Look who else likes flashing the same white power hand gesture.  Are they all white supremacists too?

There are cultural differences in the meanings of hand gestures.  In some parts of the world, the OK sign may "depict a private bodily orifice."  Thumbs up, "if it is used in Australia, Greece, or the Middle East – especially if it is thrust up as a typical hitchhiking gesture would be – means, essentially, 'up yours!'"

But this photo wasn't taken in the Middle East or Australia.  It was taken at the White House.

Fakestream media, looking for another way to bash Trump, continue their barrage of 90-percent negative coverage of the president.  They can't help looking silly assigning sinister meanings to hand gestures.  Hand jive, indeed.

When everyone is (fill in the blank), then no one is (fill in the blank).  And those who truly are (fill in the blank) will then get a pass.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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