Does anyone who applies for asylum truly need it anymore?

Once upon a time, people who applied for asylum in America came from communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union and often had legitimate reasons for fleeing.  If they expressed political opposition to the regime in power, they often faced torture, imprisonment, and even execution.  That's why America allowed anyone coming into the country to apply for asylum, even if he entered illegally, delaying deportation until a hearing could be held. Unfortunately, asylum means something very different today.  Today, everyone and anyone who is caught crossing the border illegally is claiming asylum, knowing he will be released by the Border Patrol pending a hearing, one that many will never show up for. So many people fleeing persecution in their home countries have asked for help in San Ysidro in recent weeks that federal officials have not been able to process all of them. "We can't give up. We don't have option [sic]," said...(Read Full Post)