Bizarre criticism of Nikki Haley for wishing Jewish Jake Tapper a 'merry Christmas'

At the conclusion of U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley's interview with CNN's Jake Tapper yesterday, Tapper wished Haley a "merry Christmas and happy new year."  Haley responded by wishing Tapper "a merry Christmas."

But in the Trump era, nothing is ever as it appears to be.  Tapper is Jewish (first I've heard of that), and, according to lefties on the internet, she should have wished him a "happy Hanukkah."

Crooks and Liars:

At the end of an interview with Haley about President Donald Trump's decision to accept Jerusalem as the Israel's capital, Tapper concluded by acknowledging Haley's Christian faith.

"Madam Ambassador," Tapper said at the conclusion of the interview. "Thank you so much. If I don't see you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year."

"Merry Christmas, Jake," Haley replied.

At the conclusion of his next interview with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Tapper demonstrated how to acknowledge someone of the Jewish faith.

"If I don't see you before Tuesday," Tapper told Schiff, "Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year's as well."

"Same to you, sir," Schiff agreed.

That's the first time I've read in print that a Jew should acknowledge someone's "Christian faith" by wishing him a "merry Christmas."  How about simply acknowledging the season?  Does that work?

It's all Tapper's fault, of course.  He wasn't wearing his identifying yellow star of David on his jacket.  Either that, or Haley had failed in updating her list of prominent Jews.  At the very least, Haley should have examined Tapper more carefully to discern his Jewishness before insulting the newsman by wishing him a "merry Christmas."

Tapper refused to play the game:

This is correct; I not only didn't take offense, I took @nikkihaley's "Merry Christmas" in the spirit it was intended, spreading cheer and good wishes, as I intended it to her. 🎅 🎄 🎁

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 10, 2017

Can the left really be that stupid?  We all wish everybody of every faith a "merry Christmas" because, as Tapper points out, we wish to spread "cheer and good wishes" in the spirit of the season.  I'm sure that if Haley had been aware that Tapper was Jewish, she would have wished him a "happy Hanukkah" as well.

Perhaps the left thinks we need a law saying Jews should announce themselves before entering a room or meeting a Christian.  It certainly would have prevented this incredibly ignorant, jaw-droppingly stupid criticism.

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