Batbrained psychologist dips into the horse poop to 'gift' Trump official

A psychologist with toilet issues and exhibitionist tendencies has been caught mailing a load of horse manure to the homes of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in Los Angeles.

The New York Post is on the job:

Robby Strong told he dropped off the box of horse manure at Mnuchin’s house as an “act of political theater” to hammer home the point that “Republicans have done nothing for the American worker.”

On Saturday, he posted several images on Facebook, one of which shows him posing with a shovel next to a gift-wrapped box, and another that shows the box full of what appears to be dung.

“I need someone to ride along and document my Secret Santa project. I’m going to hand deliver boxes of horse s—t to Steve Mnuchin over in Beverly Hills,” he added in a message.

If Strong was a guy who didn't want to perpetrate stereotypes about psychologists being the real nutbags in some instances, he failed miserably.

Bear in mind that the average Trump hater generally yells about assassination, Tweets rabidly, and now and then smashes shop windows. Strong, however, had his own way of protesting and it pretty well points to something else going on.

Bear in mind that Mnuchin isn't a lightning rod character that many leftists think about. He tends to be soft spoken and only talks about economics. So the fact that Strong targeted him suggests right there something odd, since Mnuchin isn't a guy who draws headlines.

It gets odder with Strong's fascination with manure or fecal matter, suggesting he may not have completely finished his "anal stage" in freudian psychology, the childish fascination with feces, which ordinarily concludes around the age of three.

Grosser still, Strong's lovingly recorded his disgusting boxing and mailing of the horse poop, wanting everyone to see it as he did it. That's little different from flashing, or exhibitionism, something a normal person would be embarassed by but something that clearly got him excited.

So here we are: A batbrained psychologist just managed to discredit his profession by mailing boxes of horse poop to a mild-mannered financial official who is not actually President Trump.

This is a weirdo. He should get professional help.

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