Amnesty International caught taking Soros cash to push abortion in Ireland

Amnesty International, the sanctimonious purported human rights group that champions halting the death penalty, has been caught taking $160,000 from George Soros's Open Society Foundation to promote...abortion, in contravention of Irish law.

File under "unclear on the concept" in championing the value of human life.

It's hard to say which player in this drama here is most loathsome.

Soros is appalling just for his uni-world vision with rotted out values, from pot legalization to releasing predators out on the streets from prisons to coercive, anything-goes redefinitions of family.  He calls himself a "stateless statesman" and sees that as his license to foment revolutions in struggling and established democracies, using NGOs as the arms of his multi-tentacled operational octopus.  He also loathes America.  During the Bush administration, he compared Americans to Nazis.  He's only gotten worse ever since, moving into the promotion of abortion.

Abortion is an awful topic, too: the ending of human life, and cheapening it into a convenience and commodity.  Without abortion, there would be no sale of baby parts, as the current Planned Parenthood investigation announced yesterday by the Department of Justice signals.

Amnesty International is yet another problem, a sanctimonious non-government organization whose mission has led to a lot of useful idiots, as its founder once admitted to me back in the 1980s in San Francisco.  Originally focused on the noble mission of freeing political prisoners and ending the death penalty, it rapidly morphed into a hypocritical organization that ignored human rights violations in places such as Cuba and the Soviet Union and found infinite violations in the U.S.  Naturally, Soros has been bankrolling the organization for years.

Now with Amnesty International as his catspaw, Soros is using his cash to spread abortion into nations that have never known the barbaric practice, such as Ireland.  The stateless statesman doesn't think laws against foreign organizations funding political campaigns apply to him.

Abortion is horrible as always, and even its record isn't stopping its proponents.

Amnesty is failing in its mission to defend human life.

Let's see what consequences look like for those who would wreak their havoc on nations that don't want their globalist meddling.

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