A woman's memo to men

My voice echoes that of intelligent and successful professional women I know who are appalled by a female-driven blood sport: hunting men down and finishing them off, like animals.  News commentator Lynn Sher actually labeled the targets as swine.  Animals. 

To think women of power and authority do not sexually harass others in the workplace is not only naïve, but ludicrous.  Women do.  One of my aggressors was the H.R. director – a woman.  Another was a university professor – a woman.  In my career, the tally was three men and three women.  Of that, four held positions of power and authority, and those four retaliated when their advances were rejected.

The difference is this: men tend to be overt and aggressive.  Women are more covert, sneakier.  So Lynn Sher can call men animals.  To label women, she'd have to go reptilian… snakes in the grass.

If I limited my scope to a few years in a newsroom, the scenario would be this:


Two editors – made physical, verbal, and unwelcome aggressions against me.  One was managing editor.  The other was farm editor (picture that!).


A department editor – boasted that "any man can be seduced."  Indeed, she had a fling with the sports editor, but that was easy.  Anyone could have done the same.  Other men in the newsroom collectively spurned her advances.  One told me, "We think she's mental."

A staff writer – married with children, this 40-year-old woman seduced three young male cub reporters.  Kids.  For serial affairs.

A society editor – divorced woman known as the Office Punchboard.  I suppose that says it all.

These three questions go unasked by the media:

Why is it that only men are being vilified?

Why do biased journalists fail to lift a corner of the rug to see what dirt powerful women have swept under it?

What do the accusations say about society's current lynch mob mentality?  Historically, haven't we already tried to destroy – with malice – other segments?  Negroes, our immigrant predecessors, homosexuals, people of other faiths, and white cops.  Now iconic men.

What is my purpose in telling this?  Simply to voice a side of this issue that is ignored by holier-than-thou commentators.  Also to say that not all women hate men.  Finally, to confess that if I were a man, I wouldn't hire an ambitious woman.

Beware: Glance at her, or say something she might not like, and she can put a noose around your neck.  That's the latest fashion.

Note: AT apologizes for the misattribution of authorship that has now been corrected.

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