Your schadenfreude Sunday treat

It is not often we get to see vile people receive their comeuppance.

This week brought some excellent news: a vile magazine, Teen Vogue, is shutting down. Megan Fox of PJ Media noted that the announcement came shortly after the magazine (sold on many supermarket newsstands) published a “Guide to Anal Sex” for teenage girls. In addition to regularly luring fashion-conscious adolescents into risky sexual exploration, the magazine has become a leading basher of Donald Trump.

Alas, an online version of Teen Vogue will remain available to corrupt the minds of impressionable girls, but 80 people will lose their jobs.  However, losing the physical presence means something, as Bonnie Werthem explained to New York Times readers:

...for the magazine’s first generation of readers, who decorated their bedroom walls with tear sheets and clippings, its significance was independent of its relevance.

“There was something different about having a physical magazine,” said Anna Fitzpatrick, a freelance writer who grew up outside of Ottawa. “Trading them at sleepovers, reading them at lunch breaks at school, especially because I was kind of a shy, introverted teenager.”

Her favorite magazines were YM and Elle Girl. Teen Vogue, she said, “was kind of a rich-girl publication, but it did have very strong visuals and lent itself well to collaging and inspiration boards.”

So, what kind of people would devote their lives to such an enterprise? Thanks to Tucker Carlson, we got to meet and get a sense of one of Teen Vogue’s (former?) stars,  Lauren Duca, whose “Thigh High Politics” column regularly regaled adolescent females with such recent topics as Fox News Is Undermining American Democracy and We Have to Stop Pretending We Can’t Do Anything About Gun Violence.

Tucker invited Ms. Duca on his show, after she sent out a noxious tweet on the wake of Ivanka Trump and her children being harassed on a Jet Blue airplane flight.

Tucker treated her exactly as she deserved. Be sure to watch to the end, where her audio feed is cut off as she descends to apparent obscenities.

There was plenty of support for Duca from other corners of the Trump-hating world, such as

Now, you can buy your own "thigh-high politics" shirt in support of Duca and political awareness that's not mutually exclusive of fashion, pop stars, or whatever else.

Teen Vogue’s parent company, Conde Nast, publisher of left wing propaganda such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker, is reeling, and cutting staff, and the frequency of publication for its remaining hard copy magazines. Let’s hope that the web-only version of Teen Vogue crashes and burns.