Why is Trump the bad guy in the case of Elizabeth Warren's affirmative action fraud?

Elizabeth Warren is mad.  Steaming mad.  Or so she would have you think on MSNBC.

President Trump made an offhand reference to her, using a nickname for her that she recognized, Pocahontas, at an event honoring America's Navajo code talkers, who played a pivotal role in winning World War II.  And Warren went bonkers.

Trump's reference to Pocahontas was inelegant, to be sure, and some representatives of the Native American community disputed that it was even a slur.  The National Congress of American Indians rightly said the problem with the statement was that it drew attention away from the code talkers to an unrelated political issue.

But Trump's use of the word "Pocahontas" to mock Warren does stem from some sleazy behavior by Warren.

Warren has no American Indian heritage.  She's a pink and gold blonde, as white-bread as they come, and doesn't even remotely resemble an Indian, despite her claims of some ancestors having high cheekbones.  In reality, the Oklahoma stock she comes from were the harsh men who drove Indians from their lands.  

But that didn't stop her from trying to first claim to be an Indian and then profit from it, checking off an affirmative action box as "Native American" and then taking a job slot intended for an American Indian hire.  It was the only way she could get a job at Harvard and then propel herself to greater political heights from that perch.  There was too much competition otherwise.  But she figured out a way to wrangle her way in, given the paucity of Native Americans with college qualifications to hire.  Can she give back what she stole from the Indians, just as her ancestors stole from the Indians?  Unfortunately not, even though she owes them.

This hasn't stopped her from shameless grandstanding and projected rage on Twitter in an attempt to deflect her disgusting theft.

Warren is the one who ought to be ashamed of herself, not Trump, and the media's attempt to cover up Warren's misdeeds, failing to note the reason why Trump gave her the "Pocahontas" nickname, is just as reprehensible.  At least Trump's spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, knew that:

Explain to us again why Trump's use of the word "Pocahontas" is somehow more scandalous than Warren's abuse of affirmative action to dip into the goody pot for herself at the expense of Native Americans.

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