Why don't the pervy pasts of Joe Biden and Bob Menendez get the same scrutiny as Roy Moore's?

Republican Roy Moore is on the hot seat for alleged bad behavior around women and girls some 40 years ago.  Why aren't Democrats Joe Biden and Bob Menendez as well?

Former vice president Biden, recall, has a long history of groping women, touching them inappropriately in public, making them obviously uncomfortable, as some of these photos show.

Here is a video montage:

Biden is in line as a top Democratic Party contender for the presidency, and nobody's saying a thing about this.

Substantially worse than Biden is Democratic senator Bob Menendez, now on trial in New Jersey for corruption.  He's been accused of having a penchant for underage prostitutes by a Dominican prostitute, who made the claims based on what she said was close proximity to the action in 2013.

According to the Daily Mail:

A shocking email posted online yesterday claims that under fire New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez had a  predilection for young and inexperienced prostitutes and may have slept with a minor.

Allegedly written by a young Dominican prostitute and published by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethic in Washington (Crew), the email claims that Menendez 'likes the youngest and newest girls'.

Menendez has been accused of taking numerous trips with his corruption-mired buddies to the Dominican Republic for just such exploitation tourism, according to the Daily Mail.

Sure, it's just accusations.  So are the allegations against Moore, who is being called on by both parties to resign and never be heard from again.

But Menendez is on trial for corruption, and all the focus is on the potential loss of a Democratic seat in the Senate, not the accusations of perversion with kids.

There are no calls from Democrats demanding that Menendez relinquish his seat over his pervy practices with underage girls, which he denies.  Roy Moore's in a similar situation and encountering quite a different outcry from these same Democrats, whose potential loss of a seat for the Republicans doesn't quite upset them as much.

Both Menendez and Biden are Democrats.  Each of them either is on the cusp of winning power or already has it.  Both stand to be useful to the Democrats.

And that's why their sexual transgressions, disgusting in so many ways, and certainly in the arena of the current hysteria, are drawing no calls to resign, as in the case of Roy Moore.

Can you say "double standard"?

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