UNESCO has a new communist head, same as the old communist head

Audrey Azoulay was just recently elected to the post of the head of UNESCO. She is a Jew whose parents came to France from Morocco.  Almost nothing is known about her personal political views.  But the commitment of her family to socialist ideas is not a secret.  Her father, André Azoulay, is wel -known in Europe as a leftist journalist who is a supporter of the Arabs in conflict with Israel.  Audrey Azoulay proudly stated that she "grew up in a radical left-wing family." She was minister of culture in the socialist government of François Hollande.  Madame Azoulay is a member of the Socialist Party of France, which, in turn, is a member of the Socialist International.  The current U.N. secretary-general, António Guterres, is a member of the Socialist Party of Portugal and former chairman of the Socialist International. Madame Azoulay is in good company.  The list of her predecessors as director-general of UNESCO...(Read Full Post)