The White House Christmas party will have one fewer Grinch

White House correspondent April Ryan can't figure out why she was not invited to the White House Christmas party.  Ryan claims that this is the first time in her long career she has not received an invitation. 

"For whatever reason," she says, "they don't like me...they have disdain for me." 

If they do not like her, Ryan has brought it on herself.

The woman revels in shooting dirty looks at President Trump's press secretary and lobbing snarky gotcha questions.  Ryan's "disdain" for the current administration has been on display since last January.

As a W.H. reporter and D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, Ryan has made a living instigating racial tension.

On radio, on television, and in daily press briefings, she constantly brings up race, even when it's irrelevant to the topic of discussion. 

Last month, she asked press secretary Sarah Sanders if the Trump administration "thinks slavery is wrong."

A few days ago, Ryan suggested to CNN's Don Lemon Sanders often cuts her off during questioning because she's black. 

And now if you question, you're considered someone from the opposing party, versus just trying to get the facts. And God forbid, you are someone of a different race, I was speaking of myself, you're considered an opposition.

When Sanders tweeted a picture of a chocolate pecan pie she made for Thanksgiving, Ryan took to Twitter and challenged her to prove she baked the dessert.  When Sanders offered to make her a pie, Ryan said she wouldn't eat it because "remember you guys don't like the press."  The hate-filled Ryan then tweeted she "was getting a big laugh out of this."

If the White House declined to invite Ryan to the annual Christmas celebration, it's no wonder.  Who wants a petulant, race-obsessed whiner at a festive gathering? 

Ryan's race-hustling and sour grapes over Clinton's loss makes her a real downer at any gathering.

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