The swamp floats a plea bargain

The Wall Street Journal again illustrates its willingness to overlook nearly anything as long as we can just get back to making money...regardless of whether privately or by skimming off the public.

Mr. Trump can end this madness by immediately issuing a blanket presidential pardon to anyone involved in supposed collusion with Russia or Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign, to anyone involved with Russian acquisition of an American uranium company during the Obama administration, and to anyone for any offense that has been investigated by Mr. Mueller’s office.

Political weaponization of criminal law should give way to a politically accountable democratic process. Nefarious Russian activities, including possible interference in U.S. elections, can and should be investigated by Congress.

While the second paragraph is correct, the first paragraph is repugnant in the extreme.  The Journal continues with the morally antithetical concept:

Partisan bitterness will not evaporate if lawmakers take up the investigation. But at least those conducting the inquiry will be legitimate and politically accountable.

And the question of whether Russia intervened in the 2016 election, and of whether it made efforts to influence U.S. policy makers in previous administrations, is first and foremost one of policy and national security, not criminal law.

These mavens of the Washington, D.C. salons are playing for a draw, not a win.  By advocating a blanket presidential pardon for everyone (guilty and innocent), they reveal the quaking fear of the Washington, D.C. establishment – the fear that any further investigation will reveal the culpability of far more than a few Clintonistas and will peel back the scab forming over the malfeasance of the Obama administration and the collaboration of GOP establishment figures in the overall debauching of our nation.

The WSJ's aiding and abetting concludes:

The president himself would be covered by the blanket pardon we recommend, but the pardon power does not extend to impeachment. If Congress finds evidence that he was somehow involved in collusion with Russia, the House can determine whether to begin impeachment proceedings.

Congress also is better equipped, as part of its oversight role, to determine whether and how the FBI, Justice Department and intelligence agencies might have been involved in the whole affair, including possible misuse of surveillance and mishandling of criminal investigations.

Of course, they are referring to the same Congress that has refused to hold anyone accountable for anything throughout the eight criminally bloated years of Obama.  Not to mention that said presidential pardon would extend to those involved in the corruption and the cover-up, rendering any revelations discovered moot, immune to prosecution – making any investigation nothing more than a slavering exercise in worthless feel-good legalism.

The denizens of the swamp are recognizing the danger their criminal enterprise is facing from a populace demanding accountability for criminal and civil corruption and, as evidenced by this prominent op-ed, are willing (for the moment) to set aside their animus for the president if it will result in a get-out-of-jail-free card for them.

Push your representatives to fight hard for a true investigation, and let the chips fall where they may.  Anything less may prove mortally injurious to our nation.

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