The dog that didn't bark: 100th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution gets no celebration in Russia

Today is the 100th anniversary of Russia's Great October Revolution, one of the defining events of the 20th century. The most salient thing about it is that no one wants to celebrate it in Russia. Russians endured communism for more than 70 years until rejecting it utterly in 1990. Given the numbers of leftists in the West who adore socialism, shouldn't this be big news? It goes to show how little the existing left really knows about what happened in that country. Communism there was a horrible failure, as it has been everywhere it has been tried. It brought material, intellectual and worst of ll, spiritual, poverty onto what had been one of Europe's great nations, the fastest-growing and and most promising upcomer of the time. The Bolshevik takeover ended that and brought a horrific civil war,  created a man-made famine, and exchanged real progress for an all-powerful state. It was a police state where neighbor spied upon neighbor, Christianity was shut down...(Read Full Post)