The DC blue bubble has consumed Virginia

It is well known that numerous federal employees and allied trades work in D.C. and live in the northern Virginia counties.  This has not stopped the Dems and their ideological soul mates in the mainstream news media from rejoicing over Northam's victory over Gillespie.  Trump is finished, apparently. 

However, it is clear from these county-by-county maps posted at the N.Y. Times (no less) that Virginia is ruled by blue bubbles, particularly the one near D.C.  Why would government workers vote for a conservative, even on a state level, when conservatives generally favor cutting government? 

The red and blue colors in Virginia look very much like the red and blue electoral map across the country in 2016.  In other words, we can be grateful that nationally we are not ruled by people in corrupt cities, where the blue bubble is the darkest.  The Electoral College exists in part to hinder that bleak result.

Hypothetically, it is too bad that Virginia does not have something like an electoral college.  Gillespie probably would have still lost, but the electoral vote might have been tighter.

In the real world, the D.C. blue bubble helped Northam a lot.  So this election is not a bellwether for 2018, where at least eight Dem senators have to run for re-election in states Trump carried.  Nonetheless, let's hope the media and the Dems keep the Russia collusion story alive.  The Dems are not the problem.  Russia is.  (Let's not snap them out of their collusion delusion!)

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