That darn strong economy

The headline in the Los Angeles Times is great: "The Strong Economy Boosts Trump among otherwise skeptical voters."

I believe that the story should be that despite our efforts here at the Los Angeles Times and in the rest of the media to destroy President Trump on a daily basis, the strong economy is causing some people to think he is doing some good.  Or, despite Democrats' great effort to obstruct Trump on everything, the economy is improving.  Darn it.  It would help if we could keep taxes high and stop Trump from reducing regulations, so people would recognize how bad he is.

I think a headline during the Obama presidency could have been "The weak economy hasn't hurt our ability to keep Obama's polls high."

The L.A. Times could have also written:

Of course, it helps that we always polled a significantly higher number of Democrats during Obama's term, and we still do that under Trump.  It really doesn't matter that Democrats lost over 1,000 seats during Obama's eight years.  We know that the people meant to vote Democrat, so that is how we poll. 

Trump is more popular than May, Merkel and Macron in polls.  I wonder why most of the media don't cover this.  That is truly amazing, since the reporting on Trump is so overwhelmingly negative, no matter what he does.