Tesla's rich and subsidized buyers about to get smacked by Trump tax reform

Tesla, the obnoxious green car company whose products roam the streets of Beverly Hills and carry its assorted movie stars, is about to get a lesson in sustainability if the Republican congressional tax reform bill goes through.  No more free stuff.

Here's one example; Will.i.am's custom wide-body Tesla S parked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  Highsnobiety has the details.

Here's another: Mel Gibson having a cow over a valet not bringing him back his Tesla soon enough. Daily Mail on the job.

Turns out the big reason anyone buys one of these green vehicles isn't to virtue-signal, although there's a lot of that going on.  It's that Tesla buyers get a $10,000 tax break, while you, buying a humble used Honda or Chevy to get to work, get nothing.

I do not know all the particulars of this, but I have known people who have told me that that tax break, combined with other tax breaks and subsidies, effectively makes driving a Tesla free, at least for some buyers.  The Daily Caller notes that the subsidies of these green machines pretty well drive the sales, citing a Wall Street Journal report that notes that when Hong Kong ended Tesla subsidies and tax breaks, nobody wanted to buy these overpriced things.

If that isn't a subsidy crying out for a tax reform, what is?  Let's hope the GOP makes a selling point of this disgusting corporate welfare to virtue-signal and gets its tax bill done, passed, and out the door.  Hollywood's elites don't need more free stuff.

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