'Tax reform' is useless to Americans abroad

As politicians make noises about tax reform, with media outlets following suit, literally millions of Americans around the world are looking for one simple change in the world's most onerous, punitive tax system.  You can read the news and listen to politicians until your eyes fall out and your ears fall off, and you will find not one word about it. We are looking for the abolition of America's absurd and larcenous practice of demanding taxes from its citizens living abroad. Much is made of the reform's repatriation of international corporate profits, and one can even hear the term "territorial tax system" uttered now and then, but on the individual side, there is no mention of liberating 7 million Americans – plus their families, business partners, various visa holders, and others considered "U.S. persons" – from the worldwide clutches of the IRS. If you are one of these many people, and you do not live in the United States...(Read Full Post)