Sunday Schadenfreude: Another socialist monster thrown out

Zimbabwe’s hideous 93-year-old dictator, Robert Mugabe, was given until noon Monday by his former security chief to pack his bags or leave the Ceaucescu way.

If Mugabe refused to go, “We will bring back the crowds and they will do their business,” Mutsvangwa told reporters.

Reuters continued:

[Emmerson] Mnangagwa, a former state security chief known as “The Crocodile,” is expected to head an interim post-Mugabe unity government that will focus on rebuilding ties with the outside world and stabilising an economy in freefall.

What a pathetic miserable end to one of the world’s most odious thugs in power. Hailed by the left as a new kind of socialist liberationist, he was nothing but a monster, not only to the white farmers he persecuted, but to every citizen in the country, blacks and whites alike.

Mugabe, the Reuters report noted, bragged he had a ‘degree in violence.’

He’s famous for bringing hyperinflation to a once-prosperous post-colonial African state and destroying property rights in the country, leaving it a smoking ruin. Zimbabweans of all colors fled the place, many of them escaping under fences to South Africa if not making their way to Europe and a few to the U.S. He was a rabid identity politician and racist, targeting white-owned farms for expropriation in the name of ‘social justice.’ In the process his country was left in rubble.

So what a fine thing that unlike Castro, his good socialist buddy, he didn’t live to die in his bed.  He’s going out the Khadafy way if he doesn’t leave the premises asap.

What’s schadenfreude-fine is not only that the monster is meeting a bad end, Zimbabweans are dancing in the streets, sending a message that Mugabe’s socialist horror show, is finally over. The whole world is seeing it on Twitter. Who knew they hated the ogre so much? After all, they are dancing wildly even as the man who is replacing him doesn’t have a very savory past himself. That shows that Mugabe is so awful that Zimbabweans consider absolutely anyone to be an improvement. They look like the crowds that joyfully threw Nicolai Ceausescu of Romania out. Metro of London has some fine Getty images viewable here. The Zimbabwean has some good local pictures here.

The left of course, looks the worst in this fiasco. Not only have they coddled him and showered him with honors for being a liberationist who wrecked his country, they have been wrong about how strongly ordinary Zimbabweans hated being under his leftist boot. The United Nations in particular has been guilty in this regard. Here’s a lefty writing in the Guardian four days ago intoning that Zimbabweans wouldn’t be dancing in the streets if the socialist Mugabe were to be thrown out. That didn’t age well.

For the rest of us, it’s a great pleasure to mentally celebrate and savor the joy the Zimbabweans feel at being freed from one of the world’s most destructive dictators. Another socialist monster is gone.









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