Sometimes the pope seems to have his priorities screwed up

As a practicing Catholic, I have frequently been disappointed in Pope Francis. On his trip to Burma, he somehow failed to directly mention that 600,000 Muslim Rohingya have been chased out of the country into Bangladesh since late August.  They're refugees. He seems to be very selective about what he will talk about harshly. He has gone against Trump on wanting to be careful on what refugees we allow in.  Yet his own Vatican is careful.  Why are there walls around the Vatican? He has railed against capitalism.  Somehow he doesn't understand that capitalism is the system that finances the Vatican and has lifted the most poor people out of poverty.  It's not socialism or communism.  He seems to think economic systems that make people more dependent on government are superior to a system that gives more people the opportunity to move up the economic ladder.  He talks about greed but not the greed of government officials or the...(Read Full Post)