Party time for UN climateers

The climate warriors are holding yet another Global Warming Jamboree in Bonn.  It's put on by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and it will run from Nov. 6 to Nov. 17,  for eleven days of nonstop partying.  We can expect an orchestrated flood of frightening forecasts to support their alarmist agenda. Naturally, they will not use carbon energy to get there. / Steve Hunter

For 23 years, they have maintained these shindigs with no effect on the climate but causing great harm to many ordinary people: soaring costs for unreliable subsidized green electricity, loss of manufacturing and mining jobs, and increased food costs caused by high power prices and using food for ethanol and biodiesel. Climate alarm is just a cover story.  The glittering goal they seek is world government directed by unelected officials and funded by a global carbon tax.

What has kept these conferences alive for so long?

The money is great, the parties are fun, and the prize is power.