One of the most vicious Trump-haters gives up on political commentary

One of the great joys of the Trump presidency is watching the self-immolation of his most vehement critics.  Among the nastiest Trump-hating progressives in media is Keith Olbermann, who is capping a multi-year losing streak with a pathetic fantasy-based rationale as a cover for his failure.  

Readers will be forgiven for not remembering Olbermann, for he has already fallen from the heights of MSNBC, where he once had a reported $30 million four-year contract to continue his nightly Countdown with Keith Olbermann show.  That plum position went away after management there got tired of dealing with his legendary temper and demands, so Keith downsized his career.

His destination, Current TV, the leftist cable news channel founded by Al Gore, was such a loser that Gore sold it to the jihad-supporting rulers of Qatar to use as a vehicle for distributing Al Jazeera America, which also was so unpopular that it could not be sustained.  Once again, Olbermann was out of a job.  See a pattern here?  What is the opposite of a "Midas touch"?

The best alternative Keith could come up with for visibility as a video commentator was a podcast carrying the name of GQ Magazine (infamous most recently for featuring Colin Kaepernick on its cover).

His career is imploding, and his former live-in girlfriend, MSNBC's Katy Tur (who is being heavily promoted by the New York Times), is long gone.  As the photo below indicates, the attraction was already fading:

Gone, too, is Olbermann's luxury apartment in the Trump Palace in Manhattan.  With typical bluster, he announced that his downsized lifestyle was due to his hatred of Donald Trump, during the 2016 campaign for the GOP nomination.  The video segment on ABC's The View is worth watching for its nastiness ("I ran out of spit" when walking past the building's name) and political cluelessness – Olbermann dismissed the possibility of Trump getting the GOP nomination, much less winning  the presidency.


Watching Olbermann's nemesis Donald Trump in the White House must be the final straw, proving to Olbermann that he is just a loser.  So, yesterday, he announced his retirement from political commentary (that nobody is much interested in) by claiming that his job is done and that President Trump's impeachment is "imminent."

NEW VIDEO: After "Pocahontas," Trump's an ex-president waiting to happen - imminently. So this will be the last episode of #TheResistanceGQ. If you're a political account and I unfollow you it ain't personal. And I recommend everybody follow @ddale8

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) November 27, 2017

So Olbermann's political commentary is over, "not with a bang but a whimper."

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